Saturday, November 2, 2013

A New Game, A New Group

When I first created the idea for Master of the Arts I had no idea that it would be such a popular pick amongst the class. I initially wanted to work on others games because I feel like I am a good contributor and can often give better criticism to others than myself. I guess this would attributed to my business background and management style. In the end I did not have a choice as my game was one of the ones that were picked. I did like my previous group, however in a way I felt as though everyone had got comfortable with their group and it is good that Professor Parks moved us around to a degree.

I think my group will be a good one. Overall on our first meeting everyone seemed willing to contribute. I had talked to Isaac and Cindy before as we had play tested different games together. Vishesh, I had met for the first time at this group meeting. When explaining the game it seemed like everyone caught on to the game quickly and all of the members expressed that they had picked this game because they loved the concept. I thought the concept of stealing paintings and selling them would appeal to most and luckily it did. Isaac and Cindy had some trouble understanding my initial movement system, however I believe that is because they were on the same page as Prof. Parks in trying to maintain that movement was fair. I too am now on the same page and am looking for an innovation to make the way people can move on our board more fair. I feel as though the ability for players to move not only in one direction is definitely a good start. Vishesh seemed to like the idea of disguises battling other disguises, but brought up a good point about how we needed to refine the system for enjoyment and so that people would not be discouraged to play lesser valued disguise cards. I proposed we just made a lot of lower value and fewer higher value cards. This could be a problem again because we would have to come up with a solution for ties.

Another problem our group has to solve is deciding how many museums and museum paintings we should keep within the game. Too many could drag the game on too long, and too little would make the game run too fast. I am hoping to keep the game very interactive as I see that as the key to success in any game. Overall it seems like we have a lot to solve and a lot of solutions to employ. I am confident that we all will be able to work together to provide ourselves with a very fun and exciting game.

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