Saturday, November 16, 2013

Class #3

This past class was a huge success for my group and I. We got a lot of the fundamentals of our game down pact, and are going to soon attempt to play it to see its fluidity. The class started with us talking over what all we had established for our game so far. Nick decided to create assignment cards for each profile, which are different for each player and country. Each player would receive a profile card that contained the above-mentioned checklist, a fictionalized name and the country they were from. Every painting that they steal from their designated country would receive a monetary bonus. This provides objectives to the players for the entire duration of the game, and the game only ends when one player turns in his or her completed checklist of countries to steal a painting from (for a bonus of money). This created an extra element of strategy and excitement to the game, as players can now impact other players significantly.
Also, I thought up with an idea to implement a penalty for attempting to steal a painting unsuccessfully. This would prevent players for automatically going for the highest value paintings, thus creating planning and strategic choosing of the paintings players wish to steal. Isaac also decided that every player receives one free disguise card per turn, which they draw up from a face-down pile in the middle. Players could also buy disguises if they wished, but can keep no more than 3 disguise cards in their hand at all times. I also decided that different paintings would have different levels of difficulty, with the more difficult paintings to steal had a higher reward of selling them. After Professor Parks came up with the idea, we decided that players could also "case" the joint, which makes them skip their current turn; however, the painting they are attempting to steal loses a difficulty "star" (Ex. Mona Lisa goes from 5-star difficulty to 4-star). This would enable an additional level of strategy and thinking into our game.

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